Martin Family History

Martin Family History

A collection of documents, photos and information about the Martin Family.

This website contains the history of 4 brothers who came to America in the 1700s from Ireland. It's a collection of 1000's of documents, photos and facts.

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John Douglas Martin Sr.

Born: 1819 | Death: 1898

John D. Martin was born in Greencastle, Fairfield County, Ohio, January 7, 1819. When a small boy his parents moved to Baltimore, same county, and he was employed by the contractors on the Ohio Canal to carry water to their workmen on the deep cut near Monticello.

Here he attracted the attention of Nathaniel R. Usher, who, as the canal neared completion, opened a store at the new town of Millersport

Leaving Usher's employ he went with George B. Arnold to Utica, Licking County, Ohio, and clerked in his general store. A fellow-clerk was W. S. Rosen- crans, a boy about his own age, the future commander of the Army of the Cumberland.

John D. Martin came to Lancaster about the year 1836 and entered the store of Levi Anderson as clerk, going from Anderson to John H. Tennant. In 1840 M. B. Browning...

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How do we know?

Most of the documents on this website came from the "Martin Family Chest". A chest passed down from generation to geneartion. A lot of the documents within the chest contain hand written notes from John D. Martin Jr. The hand written notes explain what each document or event was about.

Other sources can include infomration passed down by word-of-mouth, other websites and so fourth.